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Hearing Loss Claims | Get Maximum Compensation No Win No Fee






Hearing Loss Claims

If you are suffering from a hearing loss, you may be entitled to claim a number of benefits, equipments or services. There is also professional support available from different companies/agencies, whether you need extra help at home, work, with transport or with education.
While many of us may take our hearing capabilities for granted, the truth is that our ears are extremely sensitive and delicate organs that need to be taken care of. The simple ability to hear is often at risk in everyday life, and many people are shocked to learn that the conditions of their work places have resulted in irreversible hearing loss, which is more commonly reckoned as ‘noise induced’.
If you are, or have been exposed to some dangerous thresholds of noise at work, that are causing deafness or other symptoms, you can file a claim for hearing loss compensation against your employer who allowed that happen to you.

The Process of Filing a Hearing Loss Claim

At Hearing Loss Claims , we have got a complete filing process made easier for you. Now you no longer have to go to a number of places to find answers to any queries you have about making a claim for compensation. Just scroll through our website and you can have access to all the information you need. However, if you still need further help, please feel free to contact our team.
To protect the hearing of those who work in a noisy environment, government monitors the implementation of The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. According to these regulations employers are bound to take necessary precautions to protect their employees hearing when noise level exceeds above 85 decibels. If you have been exposed to any level of noise greater than the defined limit than it is possible that you have suffered.
There is also a three year time limit set for filing a hearing loss claim. These three years starts from the date of the incident that took place at your workplace after which you suffered any, or from the date you became aware about your hearing loss.
Our Hearing Loss Expert Lawyers can help you to create a strong case, gathering all the evidences and required details, to ensure you can get a maximum compensation against your hearing loss claim